by Ken Kennerson



"Beautitude" is the debut album for Ken Kennerson, written and recorded at Beef Studio in Felton, CA


released May 21, 2007

Written, recorded, and produced by Ken Kennerson



all rights reserved


Ken Topham Massachusetts

Ken Topham is a performer, composer, and educator of music.

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Track Name: Spring!!!
She turns her head to me she looks so lovely
Her hair is flowing in the breeze
No more rainy day little flower
Smiling up at all the trees
And now I see
Its finally spring
Spring is here and so are you
We shed our skin and start anew

I went (She turns her head to me)
Picking cherries with my girlfriend (She looks so lovely)
We don’t wear shoes all day (Her hair is flowing in the breeze)
Blue sky (No more rainy day)
Little birdie sing so early (Little flower)
I hear you call me out to play
You say
Nothing is here to stay
But today
I am here and so are you
On this bicycle built for two

Because today the sun is shining
These open arms are so inviting
The look of love is blinding
And through the country we’ll go riding
I want to kiss the lip you’re biting
And everything around is so exciting

That’s how I know it must be Spring
Track Name: Blood In The Wind
Oh baby I took a vacation today
And I know you won’t believe me
So I won’t bother to say
I’m sorry for what I have done
I know you won’t miss me
When I’m gone

All I am
All I’ve ever been
My whole life
Blood in the wind

Oh baby did I ask too much?
I don’t know why but lately
You’re so cold to the touch
You know I’m oh so sorry for what I’ve done
Now I know you won’t miss me
When I’m gone

All I am
All I’ve ever been
My whole life
Blood in the wind
Track Name: Pet The Bunny
I think it’s funny
I take your money
I pet the bunny
I stroke the bunny

I drink my coffee when I’m on my way
To the river in the morning
I rise up early with the sun

You think you know me
Say I’m a phony
Say that you’ll show me
How to pet the bunny

When I drink the drink I drink I sit and think about
How much I love to pet the bunny
Love, love to pet the little bunny

You wrestle with your doggy
Your bed is soggy
Windows all foggy
Your bed is really soggy

With pink eye piss and Vaseline and a couple of
Tears from the eye of the bunny
Please don’t cry little bunny

I know I tell you every time I get my
Hands on that cute little bunny
Bite my fingers little bunny
Track Name: Lullabybaby
I’ll sing a song for you my dear under the moonlight.
And though I mumble I’ll try to be clear and get the words right.
Just tell me what you want to hear- anything for you.
I’ll slowly disappear as you drift out of view,
And into sleep.
The cow jumped over the sheep.
I pray the lord your soul to keep.
And I can see the river getting deep.
Float upstream start to dream.

I’ll play a tune as soft and sweet as raindrops on your lips.
The night is cool beneath your feet rose petals on your hips.
So rest your heavy head. Don’t worry about a thing.
You know it’s time for bed so close your eyes and breathe.
Breathe deep.
The spoon ran away with the sheep.
I pray the lord your soul to keep.
And I can see the river getting deep.
Float upstream start to dream.

Soon it will be dawn and with the rising sun,
You know it won’t be long until I lay you down once more,
Just like the night before.
So, baby close your eyes.
I’d love to love you all night long. Girl you turn me on.
But in the morning I’ll be gone. So I lay you down once more.

Go to sleep.
A lullaby, baby.
I pray the lord your soul to keep.
The river forever getting deep.
Float upstream start to dream.
Then you’ll see what you mean to me.
Track Name: (Peanut)
Every day I try to keep my eyes on
The sun that’s sinking into the horizon.
The fog is rolling in again.
I lived my whole life in my head.

And then I think I see a lady on the beach.
She’s eating chocolate covered strawberries.
Laying in the sun with her feet in the sand.
The tide is coming in.

I feel a disconnection from my old self.
I pinch my arm to see if I still feel at all.
I see my brain up on the top shelf.
Soaking up the blood and sweat and tears and alcohol.
They make me wear this helmet made of lead.
Oh no I think I think I wet the bed.

And then I know I see a lady on the beach.
She’s fixing me a martini.
I’m just lying in the sun without a care.
The tide is coming in.

Oh no here I go.
One, two, me and you.
Lets do what we want to do
And run naked in the rain,
In the middle of the day.
Three, four, lock the door.
Everybody get down on the floor
And you won’t feel a thing,
When the room begins to spin.

Oh no the sun is going down again.
I see the tide is coming in.
The fog is slowly rolling.
Track Name: Sea Man
Underneath a red sun setting sky
Into the unknown
It’s cold in the jaws of the ocean
I feel it in my bones
And when I try to open my eyes to all the fish in the sea
All I can do is watch as another one gets away from me

These days it seems
Like we were meant to be
I’ve been chasing after a fantasy
And I’m losing steam
Wasting my energy

You knew I would take the bait
And you hooked me in the lip
I swallowed the line and now
With every breath you tighten your grip
And as I look at you up close it all becomes so clear
You’re the thing I love the most and I love the things I fear

These days it seems
Just like my life is but a dream
I’ve been thinking about you subconsciously
And it’s killing me
My body lies over the sea